The Price of Time

Some people have a Guardian Angel.  Some aren’t so lucky, and have a Guardian Devil.

Late one autumn evening Yorkshirewoman and lifelong green campaigner Verity Player comes face-to-face with Lancastrian evil genius Stan ‘Satanic’ Mills, who has been stalking her for over half her life.

As soon as he speaks, she recognises him from an incident in her youth. He’s the mastermind behind the spread of an idea so simple – and so fundamental to everyday life - that few people would think to question it.

But Verity has long ago grasped its infernal logic. And now, facing its creator, she’s the only mortal who can fight to make him halt it before its final, devastating phase.

Her struggle pitches her into a surreal ‘game’.

Desperate, she bargains for a ‘sporting chance’. But this comes at a price: the forfeit of her precious conscience if she fails to strike the first blow by New Year...

C L Spillard