The Price of Time

Some people have a Guardian Angel.  Some aren’t so lucky, and find they have a Guardian Devil.

It's the present but not - quite - as we know it, and one September evening Yorkshirewoman and lifelong environmental campaigner Verity Player discovers that Lancastrian evil genius Stan ‘Satanic’ Mills has been stalking her for over half her life.

Mills reveals himself as the mastermind behind the spread of an idea - a mechanism - now so universally accepted that its absence would seem absurd.  Verity, understanding the devastating implications, realises she has to take her campaigning to a whole new level.

She must fight to halt the mechanism - the 'law' that can be described in one simple sentence - which she knows lurks behind humanity’s apparent death-wish.

Her struggle pitches her into a surreal 'game' whose play begins to reveal the mechanism's true nature to us - "those folk not already in the know." A game she can't shirk: no-one else can look Mills in the face.

Desperate, she bargains for a ‘sporting chance’. But this comes at a price: the forfeit of her precious conscience if she fails to derail the plan by New Year... 

C L Spillard