C L Spillard

The Evening Lands

Verity realises, on New Year’s Day morning, that the events of the previous night can mean only one thing: Stan Mills will be seething, and out for revenge.

She needs powerful allies, and fast.

She travels to the U.S.A. as volunteer for the country’s top psychologists: they need someone with a heart problem for their gruesome and risky experiments probing the nature of evil.

She knows Mills will follow her, and hopes that together she and the scientists can defeat him.

But once in their basement laboratory she discovers the Professor isn’t who he says he is, the staff are psychopaths and no-one expects her either to sleep or ever leave.

No-one, that is, except sinister Colonel Herz. He believes she holds the key to an interrogation technique that’s impossible to resist and which, she soon finds out, plays a crucial role in the fate Mills has in mind for the U.S.A. – the country he calls ‘The Evening Lands’...