C Spillard

Short stories

Decline and Fall
​    What is the secret of the lost gentleman in the bookshop?

Radio Waves for Sci-Fi Authors
    Non-fiction: one of the 'Science in SF' series

The Curious Fate of the 
                         Merchantman 'Lady Margaret'
    A bizarre marine archaeology find, soon to be published.

Washed Away 

     Floods never lie...

The Library
"All you gotta do, is answer the question."
    There was no question.

Banishment and Regret
    He has grievously wronged his favourite Mortal.  Can he handle a pain that only Mortals feel?

The Inverse Polygraph 
A device for implanting thought patterns ​

The learner
How to claim your extra life.


    Something is poisoning a once-great country...