C L Spillard

Further adventures

Evening Lands

Verity volunteers in an experiment to identify what makes people evil only to find herself prisoner in the basement laboratories of a deceitful Professor.  As if that's not enough she is drafted in, as a result of the discovery of a hidden talent, to help Lancastrian Evil Genius Stan Mills perfect the ultimate interrogation method...

Harvest home

Mills collaborates with a transnational conglomerate to take over the world's seeds, starting with Verity's little allotment.  Can interrogator Reid help her stop it? Does he even want to..?

Data Base

Verity treats herself to a visit to the cinema. And finds that the film she believed to be dystopian sci-fi is actually a documentary, with her former beau the villain of the piece! Or is he the hero? She can only find out by accepting his offer of a tour of his workplace...